Martin Potůček

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Home Medias res - odborný časopis pro aktuální otázky společenských věd

Medias res - odborný časopis pro aktuální otázky společenských věd

Medias res Vol. 1 (1-2/2016)

Holistic foresighting: the Czech experience

Potůček, M. Holistic foresighting: the Czech experience. Medias res, 2016, vol. 1, 1-2/2016, pp. 9-21. ISSN 2464-6334.

The goal of this contribution is to share the theoretical and methodological knowledge and experience gathered during more than fifteen years of work of the Center for Social and Economic Strategies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague (CESES) on holistic societal foresights, visions and strategies of the Czech Republic's development in the contexts of globalisation and European integration. The Center's mission has been to identify the country's key problems, and, by doing so, to help find public policies that will help solve the problems identified and take advantage of development opportunities. Since it was establishied, the CESES has published (besides many other studies, articles and research reports) nine comprehensive publications in two foresighting cycles, which systematically identified the area of possible future choices and available policy, social and economic strategies. (Vize 2001, Průvodce 2002, Potůček et al. 2003, Potůček et al. 2005, Potůček 2008, Potůček, Musil & Mašková (eds.) 2008, Potůček - Mašková 2009, Frič - Veselý 2010, Potůček et al. 2011)

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